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From amazing art and architecture to word class shopping, Dusseldorf, Germany has it all. Düsseldorf is home to the well-known Kunstakademie (art academy), which is an integral part of the city’s art scene and graduated the likes of Joseph Beuys, Jörg Immendorff, and Gerhard Richter. Naturally, there is no shortage of world-class galleries and museums; check out the Kunsthalle for contemporary art exhibitions, the Museum Kunstpalast for fine arts from Classical antiquity to the present. Another interesting place to visit is Königsallee from Prada and Gucci, to Tiffany’s and Louis Vuitton, you can drop some serious cash here. But even if you are not that much not into shopping, the “Kö”, as locals call this street, is worth a visit. Parallel to the boulevard runs a canal lined with chestnut trees – perfect for a serene walk. Dusseldorf’s famous shopping street, has many high-end stores. And the Museum Kunst Palast has one of the Rhineland’s best art collections.

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Travelling about in Dusseldorf Germany can seizes your imagination especially when you hire a wheelchair Dusseldorf. Take a whole day trip around the cities, such as across streets and using public transport can be also a challenging but memories will always be treasured.