Wheelchair Hire Kiev

Wheelchair Hire Kiev

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First impression of Kiev city is bound to be one of surprise. This cradle of all that is Russian, this receptacle of ‘New Ukrainian’ wealth, this paradise of crooked politicians and gangsters is so…beautiful. Especially if you arrive in the summer, Kiev will entice you the moment you gaze upon its gold domes lighting up the leafy banks of the Dnipro. Having survived the Mongol Empire, WWII, Chernobyl, and Soviet rule, Kiev is the proud capital of the Ukraine. Filled with stunning numerous theaters, museums, religious sites, modern buildings and ancient ruins, the city of Kiev is the center of Ukrainian culture. The Monastery of the Caves, founded in 1015, and Saint Sophia Cathedral, founded in 1037, are both World Heritage Sites. Explore to the magnificent Museum of the Great Patriotic War, topped by the massive Motherland Statue, provides gorgeous views of the city below. There is a lot to offer in Kiev travelers -all you need to do is find the magic for yourself.

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Kiev, Ukraine has an excellent public transport system for day and night. Much of the region beyond Kiev – if you don’t have a car, both buses and trains will easily get you to and even your planning to rent a wheelchair kiev is never been a problem. Overall, Kiev has fantastic transport links with the rest of the Eastern Europe.