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Wheelchair Hire Northumberland


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Northumberland has many famous and great selection to take a whole day tour with your family and love ones. Discover the world famous Hadrian’s Wall, Roman Britain’s biggest building project that still dominates the county’s landscape almost 2,000 years after it was constructed. Take a deep breath and seeing ancient civilisation in the mysterious cup and ring stone carvings that dot the county, early Christianity was nurtured at the Holy Island of Lindisfarne off the Northumberland Coast. If you are a lover of gardens and grand stately homes, then Northumberland has lot to offer. Experience and walking along in The Alnwick Garden, the finest contemporary garden in the UK. If you are unlucky enough to have timed visit to Northumberland during one of the few rainy days, there are plenty of all weather attractions to enthral you. Woodhorn Museum & Northumberland Archivess is home to a fascinating exhibition on the mining heritage of Northumberland. Museums and galleries can also be found within many of our great castles and along Hadrian’s Wall.

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Travelling in Northumberland can seizes your imagination even when you hire a wheelchair in Northumberland. Take a whole day trip around the counties, such as across streets and using public transport can be also a challenging but memories will always be treasured.