Wheelchair Hire Bucharest

Wheelchair Hire Bucharest

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It is summertime, which also means holiday time, and this makes it the perfect time to invite friends or family to Bucharest. There are many things to see and do here in Bucharest such as visit to Vlad the Impaler stated his claim to Bucharest in 1459. His citadel on the Dambovita was the first of flotillas of palaces, many of which still stand. Four subway lines and a modern bus network transport visitors and commuters. Nicknamed “Little Paris”, Bucharest’s elegant early 20th-century architecture shows French influences. Don’t miss the Village Museum, Romanian Athenaeum and the Peasant Museum. You can’t miss the Palace of Parliament, the second-largest building in the world (after the Pentagon). Go and see the amazing Stavropoleos church – Biserica Stavapoleos and try Caru cu Bere for traditional food in a historical setting.

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Hundreds of things to do in the Bucharest, Romania. Countless opportunities for parks, museums, upscale shopping and just about everything in between are at an uncountable number of Bucharest attractions. Bucharest city public transport links are equipped with lifts high modern facilities for disabled person even rent a wheelchair bucharest for easy to get around in everyday life. Bucharest has it all that surely suit your taste and pockets.