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Wheelchair Hire Sevilla


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Sevilla, Spain is one of those romantic cities that people love to visit with. There’s so many choices to see and do in Sevilla, a city is famous of keeps some of the most outstanding Spanish monuments and sights. Apart of it, Sevilla’s cathedral is the third largest cathedral in the world, and the largest Gothic building in the world. It contains the tomb of Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colón in Spanish). Sevilla is bursting with antique charm. Another spectacular views to find out is the Alcazar palace complex with its stunning collage of architectural styles, and the Cathedral will impress you with its beauty and its status as the burial site of Christopher Columbus. The Metropol Parasol is also the most visited place in city and its one of the world’s largest wooden structure, a massive mix of grids and swirls that contains a market and a terrace observatory. Make your trip complete by treating yourself to the best that Sevilla has to offer. Sevilla Spain has it all!!!!

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Sevilla, Spain is the best tourist destination that will cater all your needs especially of those have disabilty or even when you hire a wheelchair Sevilla is never been a problem. Sevilla offering to its visitor a transportation to all without any prejudice or discrimination. Overall, city is the best place to recommend travel vacation for those have disability needs throughout the season.