Wheelchair Hire Dnepropetrovsk

Wheelchair Hire Dnepropetrovsk


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Dnepropetrovsk is one of the best destination during holiday trip and offer something for everyone, seeing the stunning monuments and ancient churches — that are excellent for relaxing and unwind yourself. See and learn what an Orthodox church is like and get acquainted with Ukrainian religious peculiarities. Apart of it, discover the best view of the city “Central Bridge” especially during sunset. In summer, the left bank beaches are also popular places where locals like to enjoy a barbecue and escape from the busy city center. If you get time it’s worth visiting the island parks on the Dnieper. Walk up the main boulevard for 5 blocks from European Square and then turn left. Continue down to Shevchenko park where you’ll find a bridge that takes you across to one of the island parks. Enjoy some relatively clean air, take a quiet stroll in the center of the city, pick up an ice cream or beer, and take a ride on some of the features of the old Soviet-style funfair. Dnepropetrovsk (Dnipropetrovsk) has a vibrant nightlife and some even say that Dnepropetrovsk is ahead of Kiev for the number of restaurants and clubs that truly memorable experience.

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Dnepropetrovsk has it all offer to its tourist an never ending fun activities and even accompanying of disabled people is not a big deal especially when you hire a wheelchair Dnepropetrovsk. Dnepropetrovsk public transportation is among the best in the city, offering everything from buses to streetcars to the Link light rail and ramp wheelchair accessible.