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Khabarovsk is the capital of the Russia from far east and it’s one of the prettiest and cleanest city seen in Russia. Khabarovsk is also a pedestrian friendly and has a lot of parks and squares where visitors can spend hanging out. Especially during summer season these places is a perfect time for a day game. Discover the fantastic cluster one of the top notch museums along Shevchenko Street. Not only the museums some of the best in the far east, discover the some of the impressive century-old buildings dating back before the revolution. After exploring back to the old centuries why not take a long of the nice river promenade is just a short walk away their you can wash all that new found. The beach on the River Promenade just below the cathedral is hugely popular on warm summer days and packed with sunbathers — so much so its easy to forget you are over 300 km away from the nearest piece of coast. A possible to take a quick dip and city assure that the whole family will spend his vacation a great memorable experience especially the kids could enjoy some inflatable slides set up on the beach.

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Khabarovsk is an amazing place to trip with your family vacation or even your honeymoon. It’s a place has a unique and romantic architectures are mostly seen. So hop on and book a flight going to Khabarovsk together with your family, friends or love ones. Not totally excuse to let disable persons to visit this place accompanied with you when you hire a wheelchair Khabarovsk. Let the happiness join with you on your trip.