Wheelchair Hire Milan

Wheelchair Hire Milan

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A trip to Milan, Italy is full of exciting and confusing with so many wonderful things to see and do in Milan. Getting about in Milan must visit attractions in cities, including Milan Cathedral (Duomo), Sforza Castle, Plantario di Milano, and a plethora of museums. There are so many exciting attractions in Milan that it may be difficult to decide on the best places to visit. There are many Milan tours to choose among, but be sure to visit Santa Maria delle Grazie, a church and covenant that features Leonardo da Vinci’s famous fresco, ‘The Last Supper’ on your own or with a group. This iconic painting features the last meal of Jesus and his apostles and takes up an entire wall of the church. Painted in the 15th Century, this fresco requires constant restoration due to the use of oil paints and damage from natural light. If you are looking a year of good luck, then a visit to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II may be in order. In the world’s oldest shopping mall, you will find an odd tradition. Enjoy an afternoon in the Parco Sempione or the Giardini Pubblici both great parks for relaxing or people watching. There are many great stunning attractions like: Basilica Sant’ Ambrogio, La Scala Opera House and Museum, and Pinacoteca di Brera. No matter which hot spots in Milan you decide to visit; you are sure to have a wonderful time and leave with many great memories.

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With so many great Milan excursions, it may be hard to decide what to do first among the city’s top attractions. Milan is a best place of interest to visit throughout the season especially those have a disability needs. Getting about in Milan, Italy is a dream come true or even when you hire a wheelchair Milan could be simple. Shop mobility needs provides to its visitors with limited mobile aid, access to the city centre and its facilities, including hire of powered & manual wheelchairs.