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Ekaterinburg, Russia is famous for its unique location – Europe and Asia border. It is a sort of rite to pass the border and enter another part of the world. Another famous place to visit and a must for visitors is Ganya Pit. It’s a unique architectural monument, which presents 7 wooden churches built without single nail. On the other side, this place has sorrowful story connected with last Russian tsar Romanov (Nikolai 2) and his family, whose bodies were burnt and buried here. Apart from Ekaterinburg churches, Ekaterinburg museums, mansions and manors together with Ekaterinburg monuments will be of great interest for tourists to see and discover. Take a walk in the downtown part area, named Historical Square and see the heart of the city – the Dam or Plotinka on the Iset River, a place where Ekaterinburg started its story. With so many great Ekaterinoburg excursions, it may be hard to decide what to do first among the city’s top attractions.

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Getting about in colorful city of Ekaterinoburg soon, you’re probably anticipating of a variety of cultural activities and great attractions will be available to you especially when you hire a wheelchair Ekaterinoburg that makes your trip more enjoyable and convenient. Ekaterinoburg has it all including public transport links in all cities is well accommodating and across the streets has high standard facilities that well compared to other international abroad.