Wheelchair Hire Ukraine

Wheelchair Hire Ukraine


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From its serene beaches to its captivating history, Ukraine offer to its visitors an endless fun activities and leisure in region. During summer season having a trip to beach is one of the easiest way for spending time with your families or love ones – Why not take a whole day trip to the two best areas for hiking in Ukraine are Crimea and the Carpathian range, distinct in both terrain and character. If you love an outdoor activities or something difference visit Outdoor Ukraine and Sergei Sorokin offer hiking and mountain biking excursions, while Adventure Carpathians organise specialised treks. Apart of it, Ukraine has a lot of museums and ancient churches -experience take a day trip from Kyiv to Chernihiv, Ukraine’s ‘open air museum’ and Unesco World Heritage Site, with its unparalleled concentration of original monasteries and golden-domed churches. The Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour (1036) is the star, its interior hazy with incense. With so many attractive tourist spots to choose from Ukraine including heritage tours, Ancient tours – what would be your dilemma which part is your first destination!

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Getting about in Ukraine you will discover a countless things to see and feel full of vitality and well being. Ukraine is the best place to spend summer especially when you hire a wheelchair Ukraine. Public transportation all over the places is well accommodating and wheelchair friendly.