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Cumbria county has only one city knows as Carlisle and it is the centre for shopping, entertainment and the arts for the north of the county as well as the western Border region of Scotland a few miles to the north. As you would expect of the county capital, Carlisle’s shopping is excellent: the centre of the town has a wide pedestrian lane, making it safe to all visitors. Cumbria county boasts impressive amenities such as museums, galleries, theaters, parks, sports and swimming facilities. Carlisle castle is within easy walking distance of the town centre and is open to the public. Definitely worth visiting also is the King’s Own Border Regiment Museum which can be found in the inner ward of the castle opposite the keep. It is also worth remembering that the Roman Wall is only a few miles to the east. Cumbria county is popular with travelers and holiday makers from around the world -but happily it never seems overcrowded or uncomfortable.

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Cumbria has to be high on the list of places that you must visit. Cumbria public transportation is well accommodating and efficient even walking around the city will never gave you a dull moment with accompanying of disabled person especially when hire a wheelchair Cumbria. Carlisle makes for a great day out when visiting Cumbria.