Wheelchair Hire Sarajevo

Wheelchair Hire Sarajevo

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Sarajevo‚Äôs cosmopolitan atmosphere harbors an intellectual flair in many of the popular tourist destinations. Sarajevo is popular to be one of the most interesting in all of Europe, due to its location straddling East and West. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s fascinating capital Sarajevo nestles among dramatic peaks, a bustling and welcoming city. Back to the decade with the 1992-1996 siege hitting hard. Apart of it, Sarajevo has the lively, diverse, museum-rich city has been almost entirely reconstructed. Don’t miss having no trip to Bijambare caves, set in thick forests and amid lakes to the north of the city, or Bosna Springs, from which the country takes its name. Site of 1984’s Winter Olympics, Sarajevo offers spectacular skiing on Mount Bjelasnica Jahorina. Architecturally, the city is superb and fully recovered from past damage during the war, making it a strong European presence with a quirky Eastern atmosphere.

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Sarajevo is a vibrant area to live in with an abundance of leisure opportunities for residents and visitors. Long day trip in all places can be easily adopt and even having an accompanied disabled person especially when you hire a wheelchair Sarajevo. Overall, public transportation in all places is efficient and accommodating.