Wheelchair Hire Grampian

Wheelchair Hire Grampian


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Discover Grampian county where majestic landscapes meet the sea and the flourishing Granite City boasts beautiful architecture and cultural gems. Grampian county is adored by the Royal Family, and its a region with a maritime heritage which offers lively events and a selection of thrilling activities. Try taking to the Grampian Highlands and embarking on a tour of various Whisky distilleries which has been aptly named the Malt Whisky Trail. Another great trail is the Castle Trail where you will find thirteen castles well worth seeing. But if you would like a little more action while on your holiday trip, you might try skiing or playing golf. There is a lot on offer in Grampian -all you need to do is find the magic for yourself.

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County Grampian has an excellent public transport system for day and night. Much of the region beyond Grampian is countryside – if you don’t have a car, both buses and trains will easily get you to and even your planning to rent a wheelchair grampian is never a problem. Overall, Grampian has fantastic transport links with the rest of the UK and Europe.