Wheelchair Hire Turin

Wheelchair Hire Turin


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Turin is one of the greenest cities of Italy in terms of gardens, parks and tree-lined avenues. It also holds the record in children’s playgrounds with a total of 240 playgrounds spread across the city. Turin’s Porta Palazzo market is considered one of the largest in Europe – you can find every kind of food and vegetables from pigs feet to acacia flowers, and get lost and shop in clothes, household appliances and a friendly multiethnic atmosphere. Apart of it, Turin has a love a story like few other cities, and a must try when visit in Giandujotto, a hazelnut chocolate praline that was the inspiration to the worldwide favorite “Nutella” chocolate. Among them, Turin has a stunning medieval castle – only it dates back to the 19th century. It’s not actually a medieval castle, but an inspiration from all the surrounding medieval buildings in the Piedmont area, built in 1884 for an international exhibition. Also make sure you spend an evening at a bar and order an aperitivo (a drink with snacks or a small buffet included), a popular tradition in Turin.

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Treat yourself or family this summer season to Turin, Italy that surely enjoy for the whole family and even accompanying a disabled people and plan to rent a wheelchair turin to make things easier of everyday life. Turin has it all to offer. Good people and modern facilities  allow disability people to enjoy and explore wider in cities.