Wheelchair Hire Argentina

Wheelchair Hire Argentina

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Studded with fantastic natural wonders and rendered with one of the world’s hot-list cities, Argentina is a vast and varied land. Tapering from the Tropic of Capricorn towards the tip of Antarctica it encompasses a staggering diversity of terrains, from the lush wetlands of the Litoral and the bone-dry Andean plateaux of the Northwest to the end-of-the-world archipelago of Tierra del Fuego. Its most emblematic landscapes are the verdant flatland of the Pampas and the dramatic steppe of Patagonia, whose very name evokes windswept plains inhabited by hardy forerunners.

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Rent a Wheelchair in Argentina

Getting about in Argentina is Buenos Aires, a truly international city that’s been compared to other abroad. Pertaining to accessible tour operators running to the fantastic metropolis, you can’t beat Accessible Journeys. Even when you have a plan to  hire a wheelchair in Argentina; the tour includes hand-picked disabled accomodations, reserved, accessible transportation with private drivers, English-speaking guides, airport transfers, and prepaid meals. Definitely a good way to see the city; and your travel companions are invited as well.