Wheelchair Hire Chelyabinsk

Wheelchair Hire Chelyabinsk


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Chelyabinsk offer something new to its visitors and the uniqueness of a city to excursion. Chelyabinsk cities you can discover more than 60 species of mammals and 232 species of birds. Take a look in the mountains there are specially protected territories, including the world famous “mineralogical paradise” – the state Ilmensky reserve and the national parks “Taganai” and “Zyuratkul”. The natural landscape and historical-archeological museum – reserve “Arkaim” recognized as the major archeological discovery of the 20th century is located in the south of the region. Apart of all of your trip, the most exciting places in Chelyabinsk, Russia is the mountain rivers of the area are picturesque – beginning on the slopes, they run deeply into mountain valleys or cut through mountain ridges. Explore into rocky river banks and sees the swift flowing currents, stony river-channels and transparent water attract many tourists during summer and spring season. Make your trip enjoyable and complete by treating yourself to the best that Chelyabinsk has to offer with and start your journey to the city.

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Chelyabinsk is a gateway city to the Mountains through the Rivers, but you should set spend a few days to explore what the city has to offer. Chelyabinsk is a compact city with an extensive public transportation network that makes getting around without a car or even plan to rent a wheelchair chelyabinsk is never been problem. Generally, public transportation in all places is well efficient and city has ramp wheelchair access that is comfortable to those have disability needs.