Wheelchair Hire Vilnius

Wheelchair Hire Vilnius

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Old Town Vilnius is home to a multitude of sights—Vilnius does, have one of Europe’s largest old towns. When you visit Vilnius city, be sure to visit the following top attractions; on you your way, you will see many more points of interests, amazing landmarks, stunning monuments, and historic buildings. Don’t miss to visit Gediminas Castle Tower, the most significant remaining structure from the Upper Castle, acts as a museum and lookout point. This symbol of Vilnius can be gotten to via a cobbled, winding path that leads from the park at the base of the hill to the summit. See for miles from the top of the hill, and pay 5 litas to enter the museum and climb to the top of the tower. Another pride of the city well famous The Gate of Dawn is the only remaining gate of Old Town Vilnius of the original nine gates belonging to the city’s walls. The chapel in the gate is significant because it holds an important icon The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy, which is said to help heal the sick or bless believers with miracles. There is so much to discover and explore in Vilnius, Russia what would be your dilemma is which destination will you pick first.

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Vilnius has it all offering to its visitors an never ending fun activities and even accompanying of disabled people is not a big deal especially when you hire a wheelchair Vilnius. Vilnius public transportation is among the best in the city of Europe, offering to its visitors a safe and accessible buses to streetcars to the Link light rail and ramp wheelchair accessible.