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Wheelchair Hire Yaroslavl


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Yaroslavl is well worth more than a quick one day visit – and there are lots of great attractions that satisfies your needs and interest. Several hotels and apartments that range in price to suit most visitors. Yaroslavl is situated along on the north-eastern side of this ring and is the largest in its chain. Whilst the city is famous for its architectural merits, it also has a relatively large repertoire of cultural attractions. Bordered by the Kotorosl and Volga rivers, the historic city center of Yaroslavl is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The religious architecture is another breathtaking and surreal to get relax and unwind yourself especially the emerald-domed Church of Elijah the Prophet and the gilded towers of the Assumption Cathedral. Numerous theaters, a philharmonic, a planetarium and a permanent circus round out the city’s art scene. Keep an eye on the time: Every hour on the hour, the proud namesake of the Monument to Bear statue gives a triumphant roar!

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Discover Yaroslavl one of the world-famous tourist destinations in Europe and feel the difference of the city’s life. Yaroslavl is one of the most part well-equipped to meet your needs especially when you hire a wheelchair Yaroslavl. City offers to its tourist an endless variety of possibilities for you to enjoy and relax, making your vacation a truly unforgettable.