Wheelchair Hire Krakow

Wheelchair Hire Krakow

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Krakow is one of the most culturally and politically significant cities in Poland. Kraków has always been, in many respects, a charmed city. The most wondeful city in Poland not to come out of World War II looking like a trampled Lego set, even the Soviets failed to leave their mark on the enchanted city centre during 45 years of supervision, forced to erect their gray communist Utopia in the outlying suburb of Nowa Huta. As a result, Kraków is today one of the most beautiful tourist destination of Eastern Europe – a claim validated by its historic centre’s inclusion on the first ever UNESCO World Heritage List in 1978, along with the nearby Wieliczka Salt Mine and only ten other places in the world. Krakow is a city of majestic architectural monuments, stunning cobbled thoroughfares, cultural treasures, timeless courtyards, priceless artworks and legendary beer cellars and gardens, Kraków’s historic centre is the pride of Poland. Start your Krakow excursion and get ready your camera for captioning the unforgettable moments.

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Krakow, Poland is rich of cultural history and fun activities to unwind and enjoy during summer season especially when you hire a wheelchair Krakow for you to enjoy and explore wider in a region. Long day trip to city Krakow with your families and love ones will always be a great memorable experience.