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Wheelchair Hire Oslo


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From medieval architecture to modern day amusements, Oslo offers countless tourist attractions. Oslo is one of the largest city in Norway and top cities in Europe  with a true-to-its-roots leaning toward maritime trade and industries. Discover ruffian Viking heritage and a number two spot among the world’s most expensive cities in 2010 – no reason to plunder the capital city! Another great interest to visit in the Vigeland Sculpture Park alone grants a free access to 212 amazing sculptures, beautiful fountains, and plenty of tree-lined lawns that will easily please your pockets. Aside from visit to the parks, check out one of the popular destinations the Nobel Peace Prize where you can to snow kiting on skis, and great to know Edvard Munch’s infamous “The Scream,” the City of Tigers has a ton of free offers both indoors and out. There’s so many choices what you would most enjoy experiencing in Oslo depends on the time of year you plan to visit, the number and ages of your traveling companions.

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Countless opportunities for cultural enrichment, strolling in the parks and just about everything in between are at an uncountable number of Oslo attractions. Getting about in Oslo, Norway is a dream come true especially when you hire a wheelchair Oslo could be simple. Shop mobility needs provides to its visitors with limited mobile aid, access to the city centre and its facilities, including hire of powered & manual wheelchairs.