Wheelchair Hire Munich

Wheelchair Hire Munich

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Munich, Germany is one of those Europe cities which seems ripped from a fairy tale. Discover some charming architecture dominates the streets, castles perch in the distance, and ages-old folklore is just as relevant as modern amenities. This gorgeous region is home of a lot stately places and ornate castles, and one of the best things to do in Munich. Start your Munich excursions with a trip to the Schloss Nymphenburg palace and museums, and then head to the Residenz for a exploring at its castle, halls, and galleries. You can even venture beyond the city’s borders to regal sights like the Schloss Dachau — several Munich tours can get you to the area — but you’ll find plenty of must see tourist attractions in Munich itself. If you’d rather spend your time to art collections, check out the city’s network of museums. Munich was once the art centre of Germany, so you’ll discover several places to view a world of masterpieces. Museum Brandhorst is home to an exciting array of modern art, the Glyptothek focuses on Greek sculpture, and Pinakotheken is made up of three museums dedicated to works ranging from the 15th to 20th centuries. No matter where you go, you’ll find something to grab your attention. That’s the magic of Munich.

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Want to spend time discovering the top sights of Munich, Germany? Take a look at some of the various beautiful attractions in city to see what they offer, and even hire a wheelchair Munich that can keep you fueled to explore wider in cities. Public transportation in all cities are well accommodating and wheelchair friendly…