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Wheelchair Hire Penza


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Penza – one of Russia’s most historic places and fascinating cities to explore and take excursion. From Russia’s major industrial, transportation, and cultural centers, famous for manufacturing computer equipment, watches, and production equipment for a lot of different industrial sectors. Apart from its industry, Penza’s attracted for its own beauty and uniqueness landscape. In Penza you will find a mix of historical and architectural monuments from the 18th and 19th centuries that blend right on its modern buildings. Experience the charming and relaxing town in the midst of some beautiful countryside that has plenty cultural sites to explore. The city of Penza gets its name in from the river on whose shores it was built but the meaning of the word ‘penza’ has long been lost over the centuries. Originally the city was founded on the bank of the Penza River, but over time it expanded and now a second river called Sura flows through its territory. Penza, you’ll discover a plenty of highly developed infrastructure, rich cultural traditions and a history full of famous names.

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Getting about in Penza is easy as it’s compact city that is easy way to explore by foot, by bike or using the excellent local bus network that covers the majority of the city especially when you hire a wheelchair Penza. Good public transport links in all cities is a great place for excursion for people have disability needs.