Wheelchair Hire County Antrim

Wheelchair Hire County Antrim


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Getting about into County Antrim this summer include your list to visit in Dunluce Castle. This spectacular castle crowned crag on the famous north Antrim coast was shaped when the sea cut deep into the land, exploiting cracks on either side of the rock. The nomadic boatmen – Ireland’s first inhabitants – who crossed from south-west Scotland in about 7,000 BC and left their flinty axes all along this rugged coast, must have seen the crag from the sea and may have ventured their flimsy coracles into the huge cave that runs through the rock to the land. Do not miss one of the best destination in County Antrim.

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Travelers around in Dunluce Castle is the never been problems because its fully accessible especially when you hire a wheelchair Country Antrim. Public transportation around the castle and cities has an efficient accommodations and wheelchair friendly.