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The best time to visit Ulyanovsk is during summer season. Experience the high snowdrifts and a lot of snow on the sidewalks during winter season will make it hard to walk. Start your trip to in downtown area of Ulyanovsk along Ulitsa Lenina, and see the colorful two-story wooden houses preserved in their original late 19th-century style. Check out the unique and fanciful design of the carved window casings, which are reminiscent of delicate lace. Ulyanovsk is hardly distinguished from a street in an ordinary Russian village, with small wooden houses lining both sides. In fact, Ulyanovsk is one of a handful of cities that has managed to preserve the atmosphere of an old Russian province. That is why the city’s known as wooden architecture the first thing that catches a visitor’s eye. If your interested in soaking up modern history with the locals, spend the better part of a day at the Civil Aviation Museum -Visitors can experience climb into the cabins of a Tu-154 passenger jet and a Mi-8 helicopter. After the museum, head up to the street of Ulitsa Goncharova, the local version of Moscow’s Arbat has a redbrick facade where the writer Ivan Goncharov was born. Ulyanovsk has it all to make your summer season enjoyable and fun -You’ll never get dull spending time with your families to the one of the best cities in Europe.

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A countless fun activities for you to unwind and relax during summer season into Ulyanovsk, Russia especially when you hire a wheelchair Ulyanovsk is never been a problem. Long day trip to city with your families and love ones will be a great memorable experience.