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Wheelchair Hire Minsk

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Minsk is the capital of Belarus and the biggest city in Belarus. Big parts of Minsk was destroyed in the second world war and was rebuilt during the Soviet time. This means that Minsk has a lot of nice soviet-time architecture and city planning. Minsk is one of the least visited capitals of Europe among western tourists, which probably makes it more fun to go here. At the same time Minsk is a city that is really beautiful, both during summer when it houses a lot of nice street cafes and during the other three seasons. Winter may not be the best time of the year to visit Minsk but it’s one of the times when the city is considered to most magnificent, with a fabulous lighting. Minsk is a hub of business and government. Although few older buildings survived WWII bombings and Stalinist construction projects, Belarusians are proud of their capital’s long history and it’s continued of cultural importance. The city has boasts of 16 museums, 11 theaters, and 139 libraries, including the National Library of Belarus, with collections housed in a towering glass geometric ball. Minsk, Belarus has a lots to offers for its visitor

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Getting about to Minsk is simple with excellent public transport links from around the Europe. This charming city is not far compared from other international abroad and it’s very easy to get around in region especially when you hire a wheelchair Minsk. Minsk making it the perfect destination for summer trip or longer stay with your families, love ones and young at heart.