Wheelchair Hire Mykolaiv

Wheelchair Hire Mykolaiv

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Nikolaev (Mykolaiv, Nikolayev) is a capital city of Nikolaev region, Ukraine. It is located here the most important Ukrainian Black Sea ports, which is one of the largest shipbuilding centers of the country, thats why it is called as the shipbuilder city which is known for its unique shipbuilding history. Nikolaev has a number of interesting museums and parks. There are several shopping bazaars located throughout the city where you can buy many sorts such as souveneirs. Sights and things to do in this city include the Nikolaev Theater of Ukrainian Drama and Musical Comedy, the Museum of Arts with the paintings by local artistst such as Aivazovski, Bogaievski and Yablonska. Furthermore Nikolaev has some monuments built in the style of classicism: best known are the Museum of Shipbuilding and the Church of Nicholas. Aside for being known as the shipbuilder city, Mykolaiv is also known as “The City of Brides” which attracts tourists because of the beautiful women living here. A lot of local marriage agencies are involved in organization of “wedding” tourism. Therefore, the status of Nikolaev as the “city of brides”, and now also the center of the marriage tourism services, that grows stronger every day and is confirmed in the minds of not only the citizens of Ukraine, but also far abroad.It will be a rewarding experience if you are a true traveller.

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You will experience the charms of southern Ukraine and choose to visit Mykolaiv. It will be a nice decision to visit this place and travel all over it especially when you hire a wheelchair Mykolaiv there will be no regrets when you visit this city together with your family or your friends ..