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Wheelchair Hire Tula


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If you have are planning to have a vacation trip with your family, Tula Russia is the best place to be!!! Discover one of the world-famous Tula tourist destinations in one day and feel the difference of the city’s life. Being one year older than Moscow, Tula once has been a capital of Russia. Don’t miss to visit the unique Tula Kremlin, check out the historical center with merchant’s manors of XVIII-XIX centuries and ancient cathedrals. Adding Russian cuisine will make a great contribution to tourist visitors with better understanding of national character and medieval history. Apart of it, try to taste the Russian traditional dishes will be accompanied by Tula specials – tea made in charcoal samovar, caviar pancakes and gingerbreads. Will be glad to offer for its travelers!

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Tula in Russia has plenty of stunning attractions to satisfy every member of the family, from centuries and ancient cathedrals, Russia cuisine and cultural activities. Public transport links are equipped with lifts high modern facilities for disabled person especially when you rent a wheelchair Tula for easy to get around in everyday life. Tula has it all for tourist that surely suit your taste and pockets.