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Wheelchair Hire Riga


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Riga is a charming capital of Latvia – a small European cities on the picturesque Baltic seaside. Discover some of beautiful unspoiled nature, rich architectural heritage, white sandy beaches and gourmet local food is what makes this city a perfect destination for a European city break or even a long term holiday. But if you come to Riga for the first time, you might get a bit frustrated because there are so many sightseeing opportunities and so many activities that it turns out really hard to choose only few. Just let yourself get lost in this vibrant corner of the city: narrow streets, charming houses dating back to the 16th-18th centuries. Get close and personal and take a caption into your camera of beautiful squares of the Old Town: Dome square with impressive Dome cathedral and Livu square with wide range of open air restaurants. As summer approaches more festivals and events are held in Riga and it’s sorroundings. Same as seasonal markets all over the city, various concerts, shows and fairs color the Riga city life and make it more enjoyable.

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Having a whole day trip to Riga, Latvia is a truly dream come true that compared from other international abroad. Explore and discover some of the many stunning attractions in region and witness what they offer, especially when you hire a wheelchair Riga. Public transportation in all cities has offer high standard facilities and well accommodating especially for those have disability needs.