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Wheelchair Hire Izhevsk


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Izhevsk not just a Russian city but it’s also the capital of Udmurtia Republic. As a capital city Izhevsk has a lot of most beautiful regions in Russia; so any potential tourist could enjoy and see a unique combination of opportunities to like such as hunting, fishing, horse riding and hiking and other kinds of adventures. Check out Izhevsk’s main city square and find a way by walking on your boots, from city square you can follow it form the top near the government buildings down to the lake. On the way you’ll see the monument dedicated to friendship of the Udmurt and Russian people. There are some areas of central Izhevsk where traditional wooden buildings have been preserved, which adds a totally unique feel to the central city. One thing you shouldn’t miss as you travel to Izhevsk is Saint Michael’s Cathedral which some say rivals the older Alexander Nevsky Cathedral as the main Orthodox church of the Udmurt region. The cathedral was initially erected between 1897 and 1915 but was then sadly demolished by the Soviets in 1937. Apart from medieval churches, there are some stunning museums in the town dedicated to famous people from Izhevsk. One of them there is dedicated to Galina Kulakova who is world renowned skier was a four-time Olympic champion. This museum is actually a pretty popular tourist spot so sports fans might like to look into it.

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Getting about in Izhevsk, Russia is a great deals along the way you are likely to venture back to city to get some more fun activities and excitement especially when you hire a wheelchair Izhevsk. Public transportation links around cities including shop mobility needs provides to its visitors with limited mobile aid, fully access to the city centre and its facilities.