Wheelchair Hire Valencia

Wheelchair Hire Valencia

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Valencia is emerging as one of the nation’s most progressive cities. Spain’s third largest, it continues to reinvent itself at a heady pace. Valencia is famous for its oranges and the streets are filled will beautiful orange trees, offering shade from the sun’s rays whilst you can relax in street cafes and bars. – but careful don’t eat them though, the oranges from these trees taste awful! Explore is undoubtedly the maze-like streets of the Barrio del Carmen (in Valenciano “de Carmé”), roughly the area north of the Mercado Central to the Río Turia. Apart of it, if these would be your first time to visit to Valencia don’t miss make your way to its one of a kind interior, you’ll notice a long stretch of park following you wherever you go. Nightlife activities in Valencia is another best options for you to enjoy that well compared to other international cities – city has long boasted some of the best nightlife to be found in mainland Spain. Another pride of the city is celebrating of fiestas are among the most riotous in Spain; Las Fallas, March 12–19, culminates in a massive bonfire where all the processional floats are burned.

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Valencia is best known for being the physical and spiritual home of Spain’s most famous dish: paella! Aside of making a popular dishes Valencia is never been problem for having a wholeday trip throughout the region especially when you hire a wheelchair Valencia. Public transportation links in all uptown and downtown area is well accommodating and wheelchair friendly.