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Wheelchair Hire Irkutsk


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Irkutsk is one of Siberia’s largest cities. Founded in the mid-17th century as a winter quarters for traders and tax collectors, Irkutsk came to prominence in the 1800s. Irkutsk is the biggest and most visited places in Russia, with over half a million people, many universities, many historic churches and museums, and beautiful Lake Baikal, has an offer too and in just about an hour away by train. Irkutsk offers a lot of sights to see, such as the Epiphany Cathedral, the crown factories, and the governor’s palace. There’s also the Alexander Kolchak monument, which was designed by Vyacheslav Klykov and unveiled in 2004. Apart of it, check out Taltsy Museum, an open-air museum where a number of old wooden buildings from Angara valley’s villages have been transported and reassembled after the post-construction flooding of the Ust-Ilimsk and Bratsk Dams. Also nice to know, you may able to visit the place the famous Valentin Rasputin well-known Russian writer, resides in Irkutsk.

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Irkutsk is loaded of so many things to see and do that surely pass your taste and pockets. Irkutsk is a great vacation with an extensive public transportation network that makes getting around easier even without a car especially when you hire a wheelchair Irkutsk. Public transportation links in all cities offer to its visitor a high standard facilities and ramps wheelchair access that accommodate for standard wheelchairs and light weight mobility aids.