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Wine enthusiasts, classic car fanatics and culture buffs can all find something to love in Stuttgart. The industrial mecca is home to some of Germany’s most well-known automakers, fashion designers and cultural troupes. For much of Stuttgart’s history, the W├╝rttemberg line of dukes ruled the surrounding countryside from the city’s palaces. Altes Schloss or Old Castle was built in 1320 and expanded over the centuries along with the family’s fortunes. One of the best loved ways to get a sense of Stuttgart and its vine-covered surroundings is from the 712-foot tall Fernsehturm (fernsehturm-stuttgart.com). Built in 1956 as the first television tower of its kind, the sharply pointed structure is reminiscent of Seattle’s Space Needle. In a white curvaceous building that looks like a cross between a submarine and a spaceship, the Mercedes-Benz Museum proudly displays some of the company’s most iconic creations. Apart of it, Hard surfaces and boxy lines make the striking Porsche Museum a complete visual juxtaposition compared to the smooth, sweeping lines of the hundreds of cars inside. As the museum focuses on Porsche’s engineering breakthroughs, the museum’s exterior — a wedge that appears to hover above the ground — seems fitting. The museum includes an extensive collection of Porsche race cars.

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Planning to take a trip that suit your needs also learning a culture and traditions of a place? Stuttgart is one of the best decision you ever had spending time with your families and love ones and even bringing disabled person is not a problem. Stuttgart public transportation is quite accessible and accommodating especially when you hire a wheelchair Stuttgart. Finally, never missed in your life of having no visit to Stuttgart one of the famous car manufacturer.