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Wheelchair Hire Voronezh


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Voronezh, Russia is one of the nicest place on earth and one of the best place to recommend for you to unwind and get relax by yourself or even spending time with your love ones. Voronezh has many attractive places to get impress such as walking across the city’s main Prospekt Revolyutsii is one of a kind experience and discover few of historical buildings from tsarist Russia and more modern architecture of Voronezh Shut Puppet Theater. Built in 1984, the theater looks like a monument in its own right with puppet characters on top of its columns. As you stroll all around the city, don’t miss to catch out the 18th-century German Mary Magdalene Lutheran Church, built during the time of Catherine the Great. Get close and personal one of the ancient museum of the city “Kramskoy’s Voronezh Regional Art Museum” one of Russia’s leading regional museums, stores a collection of Russian and European art from the 18th to 20th centuries, ancient Egyptian artifacts and a collection of Russian icons. Apart of it, check out 3 Bolshaya Dvoryanskaya Ulitsa and get admire the modest wooden house where Ivan Bunin, a Russian classic novelist and a Nobel Prize winner, was born in 1870. There are so many choices to enjoy and relax in Voronezh, Russia -what would be your dilemma which part will pimp your ride first.

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Voronezh, Russia is packed of many things to see and do that surely pass your taste especially your pockets. Voronezh is a compact city with an extensive public transportation links that easy to travel around without a car or even plan to rent a wheelchair voronezh is quite easy. Generally, public transportation in all places is well efficient and city has ramp wheelchair access that is comfortable to those have disability needs.